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From entertainment to business events, the possibility is endless

Asiania Stage

The camera is on, bring your talent! From concerts, talk shows, staged plays, street dance competitions, we faithfully convey the audio-visual experience.

Asiania Screening Room

Still waiting for Netflix to buy your movie? You can screen individual films or curate film festivals by yourself, the same applies to TV drama series and online courses.

Asiania Conference

With support for single or multiple speakers, business forums, workshops, and virtual classrooms are all included without the need for additional conferencing software.

Your concerns, answered

Only when your creativity is valued, you can be sustained.

We believe all creative content deserves its reward. At Asiania, you can monetize content through ticket sales or audience donations, in order to accumulate funds for hosting events.

In addition, we provide industry-standard digital rights management (DRM) to avoid the outflow of precious audio-visual assets; you can also customize viewing region restrictions, which is convenient for handling copyrights in various countries and even organizing tours online.

Moving events online whilst keeping the ideal experience

By knowing the pros and cons of running online events with current platforms out there, we strive to develop features that are user-centric in order to achieve an organically web-based, brand-new experience.

Asiania has a built-in system that allows multi-session event programming and custom layout design to match the event format you have in mind. You’re empowered to unleash your visual potential with support for 4K high-definition video, while chat rooms, polls and Q&A allow you to interact with your audience anytime.

Need other features? Tell us.

One platform solves all your needs

Your time is extremely precious, so why do something twice when once is sufficient. From the moment the audiences buy the tickets to the event itself, everything can be done in Asiania.

We can help starting all the way from the beginning of your event. We provide planning advice and on-site technical support* to customers with special needs to ensure that the event runs smoothly. With the time and effort saved, you can polish your creativity and promote your event.

*On-site technical support is currently only avaiable in Taiwan.

Customer cases

Built by entertainment and tech industry veterans

Our team members are based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and others. Most have international professional backgrounds and have been deeply involved in the music, film and technology industry for many years. Having hosted countless events on our own, we deeply understand the needs of event organizers and content creators.

During the pandemic, we started to assist in the virtualization of various events, thus creating the Asiania platform. With the advancement of various internet and entertainment technologies around the world, we believe that online event organizing will gradually become more accessible, giving everyone a unique experience both in content and in form.